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Dixons Carphone's story started in 1937 when Charles Kalms opened the first Dixons; a photography studio in Southend. Just over fifty years later, in 1989, Charles Dunstone founded Carphone Warehouse, a retailer for the first mobile phones. The two merged in 2014, with Dixons Carphone bringing together two great businesses, so that we can provide a complete tech service for our customers in an ever more connected world. The rest is history.

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Having an inclusive and diverse culture is core to everything we believe in. We are committed to equal rights and opportunities across all of our brands and businesses, and that won’t ever change. We don’t just say it, we do it.

We welcomed the legislation that requires employers to publish their Gender Pay Gap in 2018. Our pay gap is significantly below the national average, but we’re still committed to bridging this gap further. We’re reviewing and updating the ways we attract, recruit and develop talent with this in mind, and we won’t stop until we get there.

To get the best out of our team, we promote healthy living. Whether you pick an on-site gym, discounted memberships or a fitness initiative that you’ve been weighing up for a while, we encourage you to be attuned with your mental and physical wellbeing. You’ve got the ability to craft what this looks like.

Life sometimes gets in the way, and it can’t be helped. We’re here to give you the freedom and flex to balance work and life. Our flexibility will provide you the space and support to do your best work on terms that work for everyone, without any of the hassle. We offer shift patterns, adapted hours and working from home in some roles, depending on which department you are joining.


Technology can do amazing things to enrich people’s lives, and we, with our scale and expertise, are uniquely placed to bring these benefits to everyone. Being animated by a sense of purpose speaks volumes for us. Doing good energises our colleagues, delights our customers and reassures our stakeholders. Being a sustainable business is our shared responsibility. Together we will be a workforce for good and we will provide a framework that makes doing good easy. It is all based around several commitments from us to the business, the planet and our customers. Here is a snapshot of what we’re working towards. We will continue to reduce our environmental impact and help customers to reduce theirs, by making it easier to be greener. We’re eliminating materials that are harmful and implementing techniques that cut carbon emissions. We will range and promote low carbon and energy efficient products and show customers how to use eco-settings and features. Through all our channels, we will encourage everyone to bring their old tech into our stores to be recycled – whether they bought it from us or not. These products can then be used to train engineers, contribute to community causes or be donated to low-income families. Above all, every decision we make will be driven by data, insight and our ambition to provide unparalleled expertise and services.