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We’re the UK’s market leader when it comes to helping people enjoy amazing technology. We’ve got more than 41,000 colleagues across nine countries, including the UK and Ireland. We’re one really big family with an even bigger passion. Technology. We sell it, we deliver it, we install it, we support it, we fix it. And we love everything about it. What it does, what it can do and the way it makes everyday life simpler, smarter, more connected and more amazing. Because we know that our advice and our enthusiasm brings joy to our customers. And we do it together as one team, connected by the same vision. So, tech lovers unite, unbox your passion in the home of technology.

Everyone at Dixons Carphone has got something about them. If you’ve got it, get in on it. We’ll make sure you’re one of the first to get your hands on tomorrow’s tech and we’ll give you stand-out training to keep you ahead of the game. You’ll also have amazing opportunities to develop your career and one of the best packages in retail, including pension scheme and great discounts. And because the people who work here get you and get on with you, you’ll feel like you’re part of the place in no time at all.




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